In farming, not only land that can be relied on as a planting medium. There are other growing media, cocopeat is one of them. Cocopeat is included in the hydroponic growing media that is organic, because it is made from coconut fiber powder.

Coconut fiber powder is quite easy to find around the house, so it is not uncommon to see this planting method applied in every home. Because Cocopeat is a powder, its presence can be obtained using the first finely ground coconut husk. One of the benefits of using Cocopeat as a hydroponic growing medium is that it can hold water and has quite a lot of chemical elements

Cocopeat has a pH between 5.0 to 6.8 so it is very good for the growth of any plant. This hydroponic growing media is usually used first mixed with other ingredients such as roasted husks in a 50:50 ratio whose purpose is none other than to increase aeration in the growing media.

Many benefits can be obtained by using it. Good for use with the ground, or stand alone. Cocopeat is also widely chosen as a substitute for soil.

Cocopeat is easy to absorb and store water. It also has pores, which facilitate the exchange of air, and the entry of sunlight. The content of Trichoderma molds, a type of enzyme from fungi, can reduce disease in the soil. Thus, cocopeat can keep the soil loose and fertile.

Although it is touted as an alternative planting medium of as good quality as soil, the nutrients in the soil are not present in it. Therefore, cocopeat requires additional fertilizer as fertilizer

As an organic growing medium, Cocopeat has several advantages or advantages over other growing media. The advantages of the Cocopeat include:

1. The texture is like soil

The shape and texture of Cocopeat resembles soil and its fine grain allows the plant to adapt as well as if planted in soil. The difference between Cocopeat and soil planting media is only in its nutritional content where Cocopeat does not contain nutrients such as soil. Therefore, to grow plants with Cocopeat, plants are not only watered but also nutrient solution.

2. The advantages of Cocopeat which can absorb water well

Cocopeat is a growing medium that has a fairly high water absorption capacity and can store more water than is accommodated in the soil. Cocopeat can store and retain water 10 times better than soil and this is certainly very good for plants that grow with a hydroponic system. Because it can retain water well, plant roots do not dry out easily and can be well hydrated.

3. Environmentally friendly

Because it is made from organic materials, Cocopeat is very environmentally friendly and can degrade well in the soil when it is not used. In addition, Cocopeat can also be recycled back into a new planting medium, of course, with certain processes.

4. More pest resistant

Some types of pests such as pests that come from the soil do not like being in Cocopeat and this can certainly protect plants better and protect them from pest attacks.


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