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6 The benefits of Moringa leaves | Moringa Powder Suppliers Indonesia

  The benefits of Moringa leaves for health do not need to be doubted. This plant has long been known as a good herbal plant to maintain blood pressure to prevent cancer. Not only that, Moringa leaves have various other benefits. Moringa leaf ( Moringa oleifera ) is a tropical plant that has long been used as traditional medicine. This plant can be recognized by the shape of its small leaves. Moringa trees are also easy to grow and can live in soil that is not very fertile. 6 Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Health - Alodokter Moringa leaves can be processed into herbs, herbal teas, and supplements. Not a few people also use Moringa leaves as a cooking ingredient. In traditional medicine, Moringa leaves are believed to be efficacious to treat diabetes, joint pain, bacterial infections, to cancer. Moringa Leaf Nutrient Content In about 2 grams of Moringa leaves, there are 14 calories and a variety of the following nutrients:     2 grams of protein     1.8–2 grams of carbohydrates     0.8

Moringa Leaf Powder from Flores Indonesia Reaches World Market | Moringa Supplier indonesia

  Moringa leaves are a plant that grows a lot on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Moringa is also famous for being rich in nutrients and vitamins, so now many are processing it into several food and beverage products. Products made from Moringa are very promising in the international market. As did CV. East Heaven Indonesia which produces Moringa leaf powder to be used as a beverage ingredient. The penetration of Moringa leaf powder products into the world market is inseparable from the mentoring role carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Ende Agricultural Quarantine, which facilitates the export certification of plant products, namely Moringa leaf powder (moringa powder). Head of Ende Agricultural Quarantine, Kostan Manalu, Tuesday (28/9) admitted that the agricultural commodities were exported for the first time from Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara to world markets, namely Hong Kong and Singapore. "Before the issuance of the phytosanitary cert