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Moringa leaves are a plant that grows a lot on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Moringa is also famous for being rich in nutrients and vitamins, so now many are processing it into several food and beverage products. Products made from Moringa are very promising in the international market. As did CV. East Heaven Indonesia which produces Moringa leaf powder to be used as a beverage ingredient.

The penetration of Moringa leaf powder products into the world market is inseparable from the mentoring role carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Ende Agricultural Quarantine, which facilitates the export certification of plant products, namely Moringa leaf powder (moringa powder).

Head of Ende Agricultural Quarantine, Kostan Manalu, Tuesday (28/9) admitted that the agricultural commodities were exported for the first time from Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara to world markets, namely Hong Kong and Singapore. "Before the issuance of the phytosanitary certificate (PC-ed), the Ende Agricultural Quarantine through the Labuan Bajo Working Area had carried out quarantine measures, namely physical and administrative inspections.

This is to ensure that agricultural commodities are sent to the destination country," he explained. Kostan added, so far his party has continued to provide assistance to CV. Langit Timur Indonesia before exporting Moringa leaves.

The form of assistance is to ensure the requirements and information to the destination country. "Flores Island is one of the largest moringa-producing areas in Indonesia. Moringa leaves are widely consumed by the people of Flores as a vegetable. In fact, these leaves are widely used as ingredients for traditional Indonesian medicines. So these Moringa leaves can be processed into quality products so that they can be exported," he said.

It was also conveyed that the Ende Agricultural Quarantine continued to be committed to supporting the Ministry of Agriculture's program through the Triple Exports Movement (Gratieks). Located in the areas of Flores and Lembata islands which have the potential for export commodities from the plantation sector, Ende Agricultural Quarantine is optimistic to be able to increase exports of agricultural commodities by always synergizing with stakeholders.

Previously, he said, the Semarang and Medan Agricultural Quarantine had facilitated the export of this Moringa to Singapore and Australia. Based on the i-Mace application, Moringa leaf certification has also been carried out with destination countries, namely Japan, New Zealand, Germany, and others. The national volume of Moringa exports throughout 2021 will reach 11.88 tons to various countries. "We hope that in the future this export will not only come from Moringa plants, but also other agricultural commodities that start and continue to grow. Including the emergence of exports from other commodities such as coffee, cocoa, cashew seeds, swallow's nest, porang, and others. Market opportunities very wide open, we can find out the information from the i-Mace application (Indonesian Map of Agricultural Commodities Exports-ed)," said Kostan.


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